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National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) Call for Application for Skill Test

National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) Call for Application for Skill Test Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) National Skills Testing Committee (NSTB) Madhyapur Thimi 2, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur information regarding the call for the application of skill test through pre-learning recognition (RPL) method. National Skill Testing Board (NSTB) Call for Application for Skill Test.

National Vocational Skills Certificate approved by the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training, National Skills Testing Committee (NSTB), the operation will be conducted free of cost through Recognition of Prior Learning-RPL method with the support of Nepal Vocational Qualification System Project II (NVQS P-II)

 From the Nepali citizens who have reached the age of 16 years and who have returned from foreign employment or have experience in the related profession, who want to join the Unit Competency Skill Test, go to the center and submit the application form or fill the personal online form. This information is published for everyone’s information.

National Skill Testing Board CTEVT form 2078

How To Download National Skill testing Bord Application Form: The Self-declaration form of the concerned business and application form CTEVT, The National Skills Testing Committee (NSTB) can be downloaded from and obtained from designated centers respectively.

NSTB application Fee: The application form should be submitted to the specified center by 2079/01/04. In case of leave on the last day of submission of the application form, it can be submitted till the next day. The applicant who submits the form to the center will have to pay the registration fee of Rs. 270 / – (Rs. 270 only) to the concerned center on the day of submission.

The applicant who fills the personal online form will have to scan and upload it online after filling out the application form and the self-declaration form of the related business. Only after receiving the information that the form has been verified and approved, the account no. Registration fee of Rs. 270 / – (Rs. Two Hundred and Seventy only) The original voucher should be scanned and uploaded. Registration fee paid before the due date will not be refunded.

Need To Submit Document Skills Testing Of NSTB : 

The same kind of passport size recently taken with the application form and self-declaration form Photocopy 2, Certificate of Citizenship and Certificate of Experience (Government of Nepal, Government or Semi-Government Institution in case of experience or private employer organization/industry/entrepreneur with VAT / PAN number registered in Government of Nepal has worked or is working in the related profession/business. Or
The letter will have to be submitted. Experience will be valid only after completion of 16 years of age.

 People who have returned from foreign employment have to take skills test abroad while filling the application form Work Experience Certificate (a copy translated into English if it is in a language other than English), passport, and visa A copy must be submitted.

The application form, self-declaration form mentioned in the points and the gross voucher deposited in the account of RWA Bank, and all the other documents uploaded online must be brought in original and photocopy.

CTEVT Skill Test Form 2078/79

national skill testing board (nstb) call for application for skill test

The applicant who submits the form to the centers will have to bring all the documents submitted except the application form and self-declaration form. Documents required for skill tests are insufficient and unregistered within the stipulated time Incomplete application forms will be automatically canceled.

If the number of approved application forms in any business is less than five, then the consulting work and skill of that business Testing will not be conducted. To get the refund of the online payment by applying to the concerned center Will be done Only candidates selected from the counseling work will be allowed to participate in the skill test.

Notice Skill Test Schedule NSTB: The Consultation Schedule and Skill Test Schedule will be published on the Committee’s website Also will be informed by SMS. Admission tickets can be obtained from the center where the skill test application form has been filled in person within the day before the skill test. Skill from tomorrow of the contact date Testing may be conducted.

 candidates who had earlier participated in the skill test had first participated in the skill test Registration no. Provided by the test committee. Must be mentioned in the application form.

 The Skill Test Application Form Collection Center: ensures that the required documents are received while collecting the application Only by entering the online form and after final verification by the National Skill Testing Committee, Rs. 70 / – per person after deducting Rs. The name and application number of the center for depositing the amount at the rate of Rs. 200 / – should be clearly disclosed. Bank account no. Scan the gross voucher by depositing the amount in 1730100000183001 CTEVT skill.

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