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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacancy 2022 | Executive Director

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacancy 2022 | Executive Director: Notice of the establishment of the selection and recommendation committee established for the position of Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs Studies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Get an online job in Nepal 

Since the position of executive director at the Institute of Foreign Affairs will be filled through an open recruitment process, interested Nepali citizens who meet the requirements listed below should submit an application to the office within 15 days (4th August 2079) of the date this notice was first published. The General Administration Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sinha Darbar, Kathmandu, is accepting applications for secret sealing. This notification has been published for the information of all parties involved.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacancy 2022

ministry of foreign affairs vacancy 2022

1:Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacancy 2022 Qualifications and Experience:

(a) not older than sixty years;

(b) at least a Master’s degree from an accredited university;

(c) at least ten years of experience working in the fields of international law, diplomacy, or economic diplomacy;

(d) special contribution to Nepal’s foreign policy and affairs; and

(e) at least five years of experience in a higher managerial position.

2. Tasks, Duties, and Powers of the Executive Director:

The Committee includes the Executive Director as a member.
will serve as the institution’s secretary and administrative chief.

Additionally, he will be required to carry out the activities outlined in the Work Performance Agreement, 2068, and the Foreign Affairs Studies Institute Development Committee (Formation) Order (First Amendment) 2074.

The application must be submitted in accordance with Section 6 of the “Meeting and Selection Procedures of the Recommendation Committee Formed to Recommend the Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs (First Amendment) (2075)” found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at https://mofa.gov.np/

Self-declaration as per Section 7 by the applicant himself, along with supporting documentation, must be confirmed and submitted.

3. Presentation of working paper with action plan and vision:

Candidates shortlisted themselves Including the presentation of the working paper with the submitted action plan and vision on the specified date and time will have to

4. Application Fee : 

Rs.3,000 for application Dastur.-(Rs. three thousand only) Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Code 326003501 and revenue title number 14224 in National Commercial Bank account no. 1000100200010000 Full Receipt of application fee submitted by the candidate in his name A copy must be attached and submitted with the application.

5. Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Remuneration/Salary:

Monthly to the Executive Director based on the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract Wages and other service facilities will be provided.

6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vacancy 2022 Other Details:

a) The recommendation committee was formed to recommend the Executive Director of the Institute of Foreign Affairs Studies. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage regarding the matters to be included in the meeting and selection procedure, work, duties and rights and working papers including the action plan and vision Information can be obtained from https://mofa.gov.np/.

b) The application selection and recommendation committee received in accordance with this notice by mentioning any reason or can be canceled without doing so.

c) In case of submission of false details or documents, the application will be canceled and action will be taken as per prevailing law will be.

d) For more information regarding this, Ministry of Foreign Affairs General Administration Division or telephone no.4200182-185, Ext 251 can be contacted.

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