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EPS Korea Language Exam Application Open Nepal Korea EPS Exam

Open Application for EPS Korea Language (EPS-TOPIK) Exam Application, Exam Fee, Exam Date, Apply Online Form, EPS 2022 Result Government of Nepal Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security Department of Foreign Employment.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security and the Republic of Korea, Ministry of Employment and Labor. In order to select a candidate for sending a Nepali citizen as a worker in the Republic of Korea under the corresponding Employment Permit System (EPS), eligible Nepali nationals wishing to participate in the examination program received from HRD-Korea are requested to register the application form based on the following details. Has been done.

korean exam date 2022 in nepal


1. Date of Exam: exam date 2022

a) Language Test (EPS-TOPIK Language Test, 1 “Round):
A. Agriculture / Livestock Sector:

• First Phase: – Monday, May 26, 2079 to Friday, June 13, 2079 (accordingly, May 09, 2022, to May 27, 2022).
To date Phase II: – Tuesday, June 24, 2079, to Thursday, August 16, 2079 (Accordingly, June 22, 2022, to June 22, 2022).
Until the 30th. Come on.

The first phase: – Monday, August 20, 2079, to Friday, September 10, 2079. Accordingly, from July 04, 2022, to 2022 
Until August 26).

Phase II: – Thursday, September 16, 2079, to Friday, September 21, 2079 (Accordingly, September 1, 2022, to September 2022)

EPS: – Achieving or passing marks in the relevant field in EPS-TOPIK Language Test, 10 Round.
Only applicants with the highest marks among the students will be included in the Skill Test (2nd Round).

2. EPS Koria  Areas of application: –

Productive sector / Agriculture and animal husbandry sector. A) Maximum marks based on the marks obtained in EPS-TOPIK Language Test and Skill Test.
The final result of the estimated number of 9654 (6913 towards the manufacturing sector and 2741 towards the agriculture and animal husbandry sector) will be published to be listed in the roster.

EPS: Depending on the demand for workers in Korea, the number of passes may increase. One person will be able to fill out the application form in only one area. Assemble measures and choose one of the Join sub-fields when filling out the exam application form for the productive sector.
If you have to fill out the form for the agriculture and animal husbandry sector, you have to choose one sub-sector from agriculture and livestock.

EPS Koria Employment Application Form

eps 2022 exam registration notice
 (Job Application Form) can be filled.

Eligibility of the applicant:
A) Nepali citizen

 B) 18 years of age and not less than 39 years of age, i.e. date of birth of the concerned candidate from March 29, 1982, to March 28, 2004. nAccordingly, it should be between 2038 BS 16 to 2060 BS 15).

Not guilty in a criminal case.

(D) Not deported from the Republic of Korea after engaging in illegal activities or residing illegally. Two) The Government of Nepal has not stopped going to other countries

 F) Living in Korea for less than five years on E-9 and E-10 visas.
G) Without Color Blindness and Color Weakness.

EPS 2022 Exam Registration Notice

 Application Registration Date: –

A) From 14th to 21st April 2078, accordingly March 28 – April 04, 2022).

B) The examination of the applicants will be conducted only from the Kathmandu center.

C) Application Registration Process: = Exam Application Form should be filled online only by visiting

D) How to register the application: – How to register the application can be seen on the first page of

EPS 2022 Exam Documents required for application registration:

The applicant fills in the application form and scans the color of the page (bio page) with the passport photo JPG Image file (Width 600 pixels, Up to 100KB). Applicants must mention their email address and mobile number when filling out the application form. MRP of both ears drawn in the application form for the last 3 months. Size of white background, upper chest visible, color photo without white cloth (Photo Width 100 ~ 300 pixels, File Type: Only JPG Up to 15KB size) Photos need to be scanned and uploaded.

Exam Fee EPS 2022 Koria:

The exam fee will be USD 24 (USD 24). The Nepali Rupee at the exchange rate set by Nepal Rastra Bank for the day prior to the day on which the applicant submits the form is to be paid at any branch of Global IME Bank (excluding Kamaladi Corporate Branch) and IME Pay (Phone Pay). Also through Phone Pay and e-Sewa Can be explained

 Details regarding examination method, examination venue, and examination time:

a) Agriculture / Livestocks: – Published on Tuesday, April 26, 2022.
Will be done

B) Manufacturing sector: – will be published on Wednesday, June 01, 2022.

C) To list in the roster the number of applicants in the related field of employment (Manufacturing, Agriculture / Livestock).
The examination can be conducted by determining the stage of the examination and the number of passes in proportion to the prescribed number.

D) The examination of the candidates will be conducted through UBT (Ubiquitous Based Test, Tablet)

 Exam Preparation:
A) Each applicant should bring a color copy of his / her admission card and original passport. Otherwise, he will not be included in the examination.

Complete carrying electronic devices like mobile phone, cassette player, PDA, MP3, Smart Watch inside the examination building and room.

Is prohibited as If such material is found, the examination of the concerned examinee will be declared invalid. If an unauthorized person enters the examination center in the name of another person and tries to take another exam, he/she will be immediately arrested along with his / her passport and other documents and strict action will be taken according to the law. The details of the people who have been cooked in this way can also be disseminated through mass media and the people involved in the work for the next 4 years. Will not be allowed to participate in the language test.

 Candidates who cheat and cheat in language tests will not be able to re-join the EPS-TOPIK test for 4 years. If the personal details of the applicant mentioned in the application form (such as name, surname, date of birth, and photo differ from his / her passport) Will not be included in the exam and will be barred from entering Korea.

 Due to the epidemic of Covid-19, this time in Skill Test, 2nd Round, Physical examination  (Height, weight) and Color Vision Deviate will be tested only.

 Employment application by persons with physical disabilities such as Slipped Disc and Finger Amputation even after passing the language test. You will not be able to fill out the form. Anyone who passes the Korean language test but fails the health test and has a negative police report will not be able to fill out the employment application form. Information on the non-involvement of any private association, educational institution, or individual in the employment process under EPS except Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security, Department of Foreign Employment, EPS Korea Branch, HRD Service of Korea, EPS Center, Nepal

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