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what is e-passport? e-passport online application form Nepal

the e-passport Nepal is electronic data stored passport the holder is stored on digital chips connected inside the polycarbonate sheet of the electronic passport.

the government of Nepal – department of the passport has implemented a new passport in Nepal call short name e-passport Nepal. the first e-passport Nepal was given to Satya Mohan Joshi.

Everything you need to know about E-passport Online Application Form Nepal

There is a mark on the cover of the passport with the new map of Nepal. The department has issued seven types of passports. These include the Diplomatic, Special, Temporary, Siemens Record Book, the General (Pages 34 and 66), and the Service Passport the passport cost is constant 5,000 NPR but you wish to print out a 66-page passport you need to pay 10,000 rupees to the passport depart for the issue your passport.

All the details of the passport holder are stored on digital chips connected inside the polycarbonate sheet of the electronic passport. Even if a new passport is issued, in case of expiration of the old MRP passport, the same passport will be recognized as long as it remains valid.

1. what is an e-passport in Nepal?

In addition to the contents of the current passport, the electronic chip and antenna are also connected to the e-passport. The chip contains personal details including fingerprints and pictures.

 e passport online form for passport in nepal
e passport online form for passport in nepal

After locking the chip with these details, no one can add or modify them. It is one of the most sophisticated passports issued in various countries in the world so far.

As the information is verified through ICAO PKD, it is very easy and fast in the immigration offices of different countries. Where there are electric gates, the automatic opening is also arranged and get open for you it helps you to fast checking process and no -objection facilities.

2. What are the features of e-passport Nepal?

  • It is an electronic passport with polycarbonate that Nepal is about to issue.
  • The color of an ordinary new e-passport passport is chocolate gray.
  • There are two types of ordinary passports, 34 pages, and 66 pages.
  • The passports to be issued now will be of seven types including Diplomatic, Special, Service, Temporary, Ordinary (Pages 34 and 66), Siemens Record Book.
  • The release of the Simmons Records book will take some time due to internal preparations.
pre enrollment for e passport
e-passport application form online Nepal

3. How to apply for an E-passport in Nepal?

Mandatory for applicants above 16 years of age and in Nepal. It is not mandatory for applicants from abroad and applicants below 16 years of age.

There is an arrangement to apply for National Identity Card in any of the District Administration Offices. Even if it takes time for the physical card to arrive, the number can be obtained immediately, and if only that number, the passport can be made.

after that, you need to submit an online application of Pre-enrollment for a passport online application form here. 

The Passport Department has opened bookings for electronic passports on its website. For this, you need to book the date and time online. The one who fills the form quickly and makes the booking, his turn comes first. SourceForge doesn’t work at all.

The application form for an electronic passport on the website of the department should be filled through the button Thinchi Pre information Portal and the specified documents should be uploaded.

You have to go to the Tripureshwar-based passport department or designated district administration offices and overseas missions on the date and time you have booked. The department has stated that the application cannot be taken for those who go without booking the date and time.

When filling out the form, do not make any mistake by looking at the details of the date of birth, name, etc. repeatedly. If you fill in the form with the wrong details and have to re-create the passport, an additional fee will be charged as per the passport regulations. Therefore, take special care while filling the form.

4. Where can I apply for an electronic passport at present?

Currently, only a 34-page electronic simple passport can be applied for at the Passport Department. After a few weeks, applications can be submitted gradually from the district administration and designated area administration offices.

At present, applications cannot be submitted from diplomatic missions abroad. Arrangements will be made to apply for the posts only after about two months.

department of passport nepal for electronic passport

5. Are facilities available after the issuance of an electronic passport of Nepal?

However, the need to fill out the form digitally in the electronic passport also reduces the possibility of error. Since you can come by booking time and paying the fee from home, you don’t have to be in a hurry and line up.

As a result, overseas diplomatic missions and district administration offices can obtain passports in less than half the time. Scanning the ICR form for a machine-readable passport can lead to many errors.

Being the safest and most reliable passport in the world today, it is reliable and easy to travel abroad. Electronic gates can also be accessed by self-scanning. Since you have to do live enrollment, you don’t have to suffer without pictures like MRP.

if you have any problem regarding this, please contact your chief district officer or passport deportment.

If you have any kind of complaint, suggestion, and feedback regarding MRP please write to us at :

Address: Department of Passports, Narayanhiti, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone: 01-4416011,01-4416013 (Enquiry), 01-4416010
01-4220108 (MISSION)
Audio Assistance: 01-4416023,01-4212026
Fax: 01-4424418
Email: [email protected], [email protected]




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