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Class 11 12 Registration Application Form Fill Up Notice – NEB

Government of Nepal, National Examination Board, Examination Control Office (Class 11 and 12), Sanothimi, Bhaktapur are  Notice regarding registration application form: printed observe regarding the category eleven twelve Exam form & Registration type extra service Notice. Examination management workplace (Class eleven and 12) info regarding registration of pre-considered necessary direction and submission of the communicating utility form.neb class 11 12 registration & exam application form fill up notice

Class 11 12 Registration Application Form Fill Up Notice -National Examination Board

As to keep with the actual choice regarding the registration and submission of communicating utility form below the Pre-considered necessary Course performed through this Board for the students who’ve handed 3 years talent certificates stage in Health Science concern from the Council of Technical Education and vocational education.

Registration type Fill Up: 2078 Mangsir nineteen
Exam Application Form: the maximum amount is 2078 Poush 2

Registration application form entry amount for students enrolled in class 11
As the decision regarding submission and submission of forms has been made as per the details, you have to do accordingly.
This information has been published for the information of all concerned.
1. Information published by the Curriculum Development Center for the students enrolled in class 11 in the academic session 2078-79
The registration application form will have to be filled following the basis of admission accordingly.
2. Secondary Education Examination (QE) certified by the headmaster along with the registration application form for class 10
A copy of the grade sheet should be attached.
3. Amount to be submitted to the Board for the registration application form
Student Rs. 400.-) To be deposited in the account of the concerned office of the Board and to deposit the amount at that time
In the case of students who are not able to do so, by mid-April 2078, with a late fee (Rs. 800 per student).
Bank voucher and registration application form by the concerned schools by 7th January 2078 after depositing the amount
It should be submitted to the concerned office of the board.
4. Subject group according to the new syllabus of class 11, study only one subject from one group according to the subject code
Arrangements will have to be made to fill the form.
5. Even students who want to study additional subjects must register the subject they want to study
It should be mentioned in the form.

6. Registration application form should be filled by the student himself. The details of the students are posted online by the school concerned
Arrangements will be made to make entries through Ellie. Board for online entry
Since it will be open from the 10th of Poush 2078 and will be closed in the middle of 2078 Poush.
Accordingly, all schools are requested to complete the online entry of the registration form on time.
Is done.

National Examinations Board

In the context of the implementation of the Education Act (eighth Amendment) 2073, National Examinations Board has already been in characteristic being converted from the prevailing Higher Secondary Education Board. Among the duties being completed via way of means of current Higher Secondary Education Board, as consistent with the brand new control, college association approval, scholarship application, and college operation methods are actually controlled via way of means of nearby our bodies and the obligations associated with curriculum construction, improvement and backbone of equivalence are actually executed via way of means of Curriculum Development Centre. The exam associated obligations of Grade 10 (Secondary Education Examinations (SEE)) and sophistication eleven and 12 (School Leaving Certificate Examination (SLCE)) have now been affiliated to the jurisdiction of the National Examinations Board as incorporated components. At the identical time, the examinations of sophistication 10 may be added into operation withinside the regional/provincial level.




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