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Ban Rakshak Forest Guard Exam Routine By Lumbini Pradesh PPSC P5

Ban Rakshak Forest Guard Exam Routine By Lumbini Pradesh PPSC P5 Under the State Civil Service, Nepal Forest Service, General Forestry Group, Layered, Physical examination of candidates applying for the post of Forest Ranger And fitness test instructions and exam schedule

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Information no. Nepal Forest Service, General Forestry Group under State Civil Service as per 01 ÷ 2078-079.

vanrakshak exam date 2021 nepal

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2 scaledApplication approved for the open and inclusive post of non-level, forest ranger
Roll no. The following are the instructions for the physical examination and fitness test
The exam schedule including the date, time, and place is fixed.

Ban Rakshak Forest Guard Exam Routine By Lumbini Pradesh PPSC P5

The candidate should submit his roll no. The date of the order and
Arrive at the designated place 30 minutes before the scheduled time with the documents mentioned below
Will have to Participate in the examination program to the candidate who is unable to appear with the required documents on the specified date and time
It Will not be done
Candidates themselves should undergo eye examination and color identification by a doctor approved by the Nepal Medical Council
Certificate of passing the test by 9th year of testing
Should be)

Required Documents   Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Aayog PPSC online Lumbini Pradesh

Certificate of Nepali citizenship,
Admission card approved by the candidate,
1 recent passport-size photo.
Physical examination and fitness test to the candidate from the examination center only after the mentioned documents are submitted
An admission letter will be provided.

Direction for Ban Rakshak Lumbini Pradesh Lok Sewa Vacancy Exam Details:
It will be the duty of all supervisors, experts, staff, and candidates to follow the directives issued by the Commission.
Physical examination (height, chest, weight, eye examination, etc.
Only candidates who meet the criteria prescribed in the Kshkshyal Tbhakat) will be eligible for the first 200 minutes of the fitness test. In the race
Will be able to participate.

200 min of the first phase. Only candidates who have passed the race within the stipulated time will be eligible for the second round. In the race
Will be able to participate.

3000 min of the second phase. Only candidates who have passed the race within the stipulated time in the next day’s tree climbing examination
Will be able to participate.
Only candidates who pass the tree climbing test will be able to take part in the swimming test.
Succeeded in all stages of selection by being selected in each of the stages prescribed in all types of physical fitness exams
Candidates will be included in the written examination of the second phase only.

If the candidate has an accident during the fitness test or if any kind of fate befalls the candidate himself
Must be accountable.
Candidates themselves have been approved by the Nepal Medical Council at the examination center where the experimental examination will be conducted
Certificate of eye examination and color recognition examination by a doctor.
(Must be less than 6 months from the date of examination), Certificate of Nepali citizenship, Candidate’s approved entry
Letters, passport-size photos must be submitted.

Only after the submission of the document from the examination center
Candidates will be given an entrance test for physical examination and fitness test.
Candidates who have been selected in the previous stage of physical fitness examination will undergo a physical examination in the next stage of examination
And fitness test admission card must be taken along. To be included in the examination without the said admission letter
The examination program will continue even if there is a public holiday on the scheduled day.
Candidates will have to sign attendance at the beginning of each stage of the examination.
The candidate’s presence is mandatory.

The concerned candidate should be present in person on the date, time, and place fixed for the physical fitness test.
The Commission will not be obliged to re-sit the candidates who do not appear on the date and time.

Ban Rakshak Forest Guard Exam Routine By Lumbini Pradesh PPSC P5 As the race will be evaluated based on time covered, the candidate who crosses the distance within the stipulated time
Only successful candidates will be considered. Successful Candidates
The signature of the staff related to the climb will have to be verified. The Commission is accountable if it is not verified immediately
Will not

The admission card will not be returned to the unsuccessful candidate. Candidates who have passed all the examinations
Physical examination and fitness test admission letters should be handed over to the staff deployed at the examination venue.

If any dispute arises during the examination, the decision of the official staff assigned by the Commission is final
The decision will be made.

Candidates appearing for the tree-climbing examination will be numbered on the tree poles available at the examination venue.
Trees will be selected. He was assigned to climb a tree with the same number based on the number he got from the round
You have to cross the height.

One for the last time if you can’t climb on the first attempt because of the texture of the tree you choose from the round.
Given the opportunity, you will be allowed to climb the tree of your choice from any of the trees available at the same examination venue, but any
Wahana will not be given a second chance more than once.

Exam Routine By Lumbini Pradesh PPSC P5

Due to the availability of trees, the number of candidates, etc., there may be one or more places to climb the tree.
Only successful candidates to climb the tree will be included in the swimming test. In the swimming pool for swimming
Candidates will have to bring their swimming costumes and materials.

Candidates stand in a line in the water at the swimming pool and walk the distance as directed by the Central Chairman
You have to swim with your hands and feet. Opportunity tests will not be taken again under any pretext.
Bags, mobiles, and other items can be lost due to lack of safe space at the place of physical fitness test
Please do not bring valuables. The Commission and its staff will not be held responsible for any loss of property.

Taking pictures, recording videos of any stage of the physical fitness test is strictly prohibited.

If any candidate is found to have done so, the prevailing law is to confiscate the goods and cancel the examination
Action will be taken accordingly.

List of candidates who have passed all the stages of physical fitness examination and schedule of written examination
Will be published through the Commission’s website.

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